Insight into anthropos-logia
Ok so yeah it might sound weird that I have an interest in murder cases/stories, but that's only because of the psychology/anthropological aspects of murder. I regularly read books on serial killers whether they are fictional or fact. My favourite novel at the moment is "Dexter" book. Dexter is this "monster" as he describes himself, who murders murderers. As crazy as that sounds it is a really interesting story to read because he develops his own set of rules, justifications and mind set on why and how to kill. I guess this relates to a psychological/anthropology aspect because of how he grew up. Hie was born into a drug dealing single mother, who eventually got sawed in front of him, when he was 3 years old. Therefore, this "monster" inside of him developed or was born because of what he was exposed to/what happened to his environment and learning development.

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