Insight into anthropos-logia

Definition of anthropos-logia

The word “anthropos” is derived from Greek, meaning “Human” and “logia” meaning “study.” Anthropology is the study of humanity. Furthermore, it is concerned with human social and cultural diversity around the world. It offers both an intensive understanding of the culture and social organisation of particular communities and a comparative cross-cultural understanding of regional, national and global processes.

Many anthropologists branch into different disciplines when understanding and interpreting humanity. These include, culture, Biological, Physical, criminal and so on.

Anthropology help identify, interpret and understand how humanity is influenced or reacts to the environment in which they live or are exposed to. Historically, they determine the process of evolution, how history is included and influenced today and the traditions in which follow.

Mythology is one of the best ways to gain knowledge of a particular historical society because it explores the laws, customs, rituals, religions, and basic human status in the society. For example; In modern day we are able to understand how the ancient Greeks lived due to their mythology.  Some of the stories include,  Narcissist. The story of Narcissist tells the story of a highly egotistical individual who eventually drowns himself because of his "beauty." Furthermore, this educational narrative explores the idea of heroism and the "alpha" male perception in the ancient Greek society.