Insight into anthropos-logia
Ok so, I have an interest as you know in Anthropology. My all time goal is to end up like "Temperance Brennan" who is the main character for the television program Bones as well as the Kathy Reichs "Bare Bones" books.

Being a Forensic Anthropologist requires me (In Australia) to study Anthropology, Science and Forensic Science separately because there is no singular course. I was never a science student unless it was to do with psychology and therefore lead me to anthropology which I prefer. My mum doesn't agree with my career choice, because of the limitations of Jobs. I am currently a Public Relations student, however I found that I am not driven enough for P.R and want to now study what I have always wanted to be.

Eventually, I want to travel the world and document what I see by camera as well as write about it in a journal. Mostly, I want to live in rural aboriginal communities in central Australia because I so strongly love the Aboriginal history, culture, traditions and the impact of western society.

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    August 2010



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