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Alberto Gomes is a senior lecturer in the anthropology programme at La Trobe University, Australia. he teaches two undergraduate classes: culture and globalisation, and  development globalisation and culture. His ethnographic work on the Malay aboriginals has won him much acclaim and he often contributes to anthropological journals throughout Asia and Europe.

He has published 3 books and numerous academic papers on this ethnographic reseach on the Orang Asli.The books include Malaysia and the Original People (1997, Allyn and Bacon) (which he co-authored with Robert Dentan, Kirk Endicott and Barry Hooker), Looking for Money: Capitalism and Modernity in an Orang Asli Village (2004, COAC and Transpacific Press), and Modernity and Malaysia: Settling the Menraq Forest Nomads (2007, Routledge). His publications focus on the social, economic and ecological implications of commoditisation, government-sponsored development programmes, and modernity for the Malaysian Aborigines (particularly the Semai and the Menraq who are also known as Semang or Negritos) and indigenous/tribal communities in general.

He is currently writing a book outlining his ideas for an AlterNative Development guided by the principles of ESP (Equality, Sustainability and Peace). See, the website of a mainly student-based organisation drawing on his concept of ESP for an AlterNative Development..

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